How do I know if I have Oak wilt?
Link to OSU article on Oak Wilt: 


What is Emerald Ash Bore?
Link to OSU article on Emerald Ash Borer: http://ashalert.osu.edu/userfiles/what_is_eab.pdf

How do you safely remove large trees/limbs near and over my home/structure?
With  safety first, we are systematic in our approach to removing large limbs  that could cause damage it allowed to simply fall from the tree after  being cut. With 28 years of experience removing trees in an urban  enviorment it has become second nature to the crew of Affordable Tree  Service of Ohio LLC.

How do you remove large trees without damaging my property?

Equipment such  as 147' crane, 75' bucket truck, large capacity chippers (OWNED NOT  LEASED BY Affordable Tree Service as many other companys do) are used to  systematically remove trees/limbs over structures with a "0" impact  philosophy in mind.

We also practice the age old trusted  technique of ropes and pulleys to secure and lower trees/limbs. In other  words if we need to go "OLD SCHOOL" due to location, of trees, we can  do it!

Do I need to fertilize my trees?
Trees are a plant like anything else in the yard they would enjoy and thrive better with regular feeding.

How often should I prune my tree?
Most  trees need only be throughly pruned every 3 to 5 years. Enviormental  conditions may change that. If winds or lightening damage your tree  corrective steps will be needed no matter what time of year it is.

Are we licensed and insured?
We  are licensed and/or bonded in all manicapalities requireing one. Our  insurance includes general liability, workers compensation, auto/truck,  and excess umbrella.​